About Monarch

Formed in 2002, Monarch Alternative Capital is an established and recognized distressed debt firm with many distinguishing factors. Monarch's research-oriented approach and “event-driven” investment strategy have been developed by the team over the past twenty-one years in the industry. Monarch draws on the skills and experience of a deep and talented team with many years working together in the distressed debt sector. The co-Portfolio Managers, Michael Weinstock and Andrew Herenstein have been investing together in distressed debt for twenty-one years and with fellow co-founder and co-Portfolio Manager, Christopher Santana, for sixteen years.


Monarch's culture is grounded in a long standing history of teamwork and collaboration. Monarch believes that the strength and insight of the full investment team is essential to facilitating superior investment decisions.


Monarch's investment objective is to seek superior risk-adjusted rates of return through investment in a diversified portfolio comprised primarily of bank loans, public and private corporate bonds, trade claims, equity securities received in connection with debt restructurings and certain types of special situation investments, while maintaining a bias to opportunities in the upper part of the capital structure. The core strategy of the firm is to invest in what it believes are "good" companies with "bad" capital structures. Additionally, Monarch employs an "event-driven" strategy focusing on situations where there is a discount to fundamental value that the team believes can be realized through the completion of a debt restructuring process or other realization event.


Prior to founding Monarch Alternative Capital, Michael Weinstock, Andrew Herenstein and Chris Santana earned recognition by the Institutional Investor magazine as the #1 Ranked Distressed Debt Research Team in the Distressed Debt Category in 1998 (1).

The team's expertise was further recognized in October 2005 when the Quadrangle Debt Recovery Fund (now a Monarch managed fund) was recognized as "Fund of the Year" in the Fixed Income, High Yield & Distressed Category by Absolute Return magazine (2).

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